Merchandise Division

 The Facey Merchandise Division is one of the largest distributors in the region, representing the best brands available.

We pride ourselves on having longstanding and deep relationships with our principals and our customers.

Our distribution channels are wide ranging as we understand and respond to the needs of our customers- encompassing from Wholesalers to Mom and Pop stores.

At Facey Merchandise Division, we have developed the largest Route-to-Market fleet within Jamaica, reaching all nooks and crannies and representing our entire range of goods.

The company’s commitment to continous improvement and meeting our customer requirements can be seen with our streamlined ordering processes and distribution through our island-wide sales and distribution teams.

We are at the leading edge with digital improvements. Real time monitoring and reporting enable us to have greater control and flexibility to meet our customers,’ demands while keeping our products safe at all points. The use of tablets and other smart devices by our sales and distribution teams allows for better use of time with customers through a faster and more efficient sale process.

Facey Merchandise Division committed to “Bringing the Best to You!”